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  • XDavidXtreme

    After a month from the Admin Election, RUNEPATRIARCH has successfully become an admin and even better a bureaucrat. If you will ever need help, you can always contact these 2 active admins:

    RUNEPATRIARCH - Bureaucrat

    XDavidXtreme - Admin

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  • XDavidXtreme

    Since many fandoms do this thing, why not us? A special quote to the beginning is one of the quotes which are put at the beginning of the article which either is very memorable or it is a important quote for the respective article.

    There can be many quotes so here is my opinion:

    - Daniel Garner : Between heaven and hell, there is always pain. (very memorable) - Catherine : Ohhh, I cannot believe how hard is raining, we should pick the great day to celebrate my birthday. - Sammael : Why are you trying to accomplish here, you can't harm me, back off! (the best one, I could find) - Eve : I've been there for much longer than you can imagine. (the best one, I could find) - Asmodeus : It's ok, I know him, it's a friend. (the best one, I could fin… Read more >
  • XDavidXtreme

    Badge Renovation

    July 14, 2017 by XDavidXtreme

    When RUNEPATRIARCH will become the new admin of this wiki, which badges do you think should be changed?

    Here is my opinion:

    1 Edit - Leper Zombie 5 Edits - Zombie Soldier 10 Edits - Zombie Warlord 25 Edits - Hell Biker 100 Edits - Executioner 250 Edits - Black Demon 500 Edits - Skull Pounce! - Ninja Caffeinated - Loki / Hell Biker Chaingunner Welcome to the Wiki - Welcome to the Purgatory Introduction - License To Kill Lucky Edit - Treasure Key to the Wiki - Rifle Two Weeks on the Wiki - Bolt Gun Devoted - Electro Driver Dedicated - Shotgun Addicted - Chaingun A Wiki Life - Stakegun Wiki Hero! - Painkiller Snapshot - Cemetery Paparazzi - Cathedral Illustrator - Town Collector - Train Station / Military Base Art Lover - Oriental Castle / Ba… Read more >
  • XDavidXtreme

    So I have decided that we should add sounds to the Painkiller wiki articles as many of the fandom wikis do.

    What is your opinion? Shall we add them?

    If the sounds feature would have been implemented it would be used on the following categories:

    - Monsters (Their own beautiful sounds) - Powerups - Weapons - Levels (Environment Sounds, Soundtrack) - Game Mechanics (Various Sounds) Read more >
  • XDavidXtreme

    So there has been recently an admin election started on 5th June 2017 and ended on 11th June 2017 with the contestants:

    - RUNEPATRIARCH : 1.720 Points - XDavidXtreme : 670 Points

    The current contestants have meet the right criterias to enter this election so they can continue.

    The admin election was a stalemate between RUNEPATRIARCH and XDavidXtreme so the one with the most points will be elected, meaning that RUNEPATRIARCH has won the election with 1.720 points. The winner will receive on the talk page the steps to become an admin. If he doesn't become an admin in less than a month, the election will take place again. If he wants to give his admin privileges, he can announce it on the blogpost before he applies for the admin of this wiki.


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