When RUNEPATRIARCH will become the new admin of this wiki, which badges do you think should be changed?

Here is my opinion:

1 Edit - Leper Zombie
5 Edits - Zombie Soldier
10 Edits - Zombie Warlord
25 Edits - Hell Biker
100 Edits - Executioner
250 Edits - Black Demon
500 Edits - Skull
Pounce! - Ninja
Caffeinated - Loki / Hell Biker Chaingunner
Welcome to the Wiki - Welcome to the Purgatory
Introduction - License To Kill
Lucky Edit - Treasure
Key to the Wiki - Rifle
Two Weeks on the Wiki - Bolt Gun
Devoted - Electro Driver
Dedicated -  Shotgun
Addicted - Chaingun
A Wiki Life - Stakegun
Wiki Hero! - Painkiller
Snapshot - Cemetery
Paparazzi - Cathedral
Illustrator - Town
Collector - Train Station / Military Base
Art Lover - Oriental Castle / Babel
Decorator - City On Water / Docks
Designer - Hell
Curator - Opera
??? - Studios

If you have any other opinion please post it in the comments!

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