Painkiller is a very old video game from 2004 and is an extremely underrated one. But because of his lack of popularity, it musn't be ignored and forgotten. He actually was mentioned in the Top 10 Giants by which by the way is a very popular channel and the video was created in 2015. Also there is another video by the same channel called Top 10 Video Game Completion Bonuses where it gets nominated on the 9th Place. And it was nominated the 1st Place in another video. Unfortunately that video was never found again (Suspected to be deleted for unknown reason) but if you want to try and find it his title must be something like this : "Top 10 Video games where you die right at the beginning" where the 10th Place was taken by a Call Of Duty game.

Another cameo of the game is in the Top 100 IGN Weapons where the stake gun appears on the 47th place.

Also the Necrogiant from Painkiller Hell & Damnation appears in a very popular parody of Sonic The Hedgehog called Sonic Zombies and he appears in Sonic Zombies Vengeance and also in Sonic Zombies in Space. Although it is literally used the model of the Necrogiant from Painkiller Hell & Damnation his purpose was a totally different one.

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