So there has been recently an admin election started on 5th June 2017 and ended on 11th June 2017 with the contestants:

- RUNEPATRIARCH : 1.720 Points
- XDavidXtreme : 670 Points

The current contestants have meet the right criterias to enter this election so they can continue.

The admin election was a stalemate between RUNEPATRIARCH and XDavidXtreme so the one with the most points will be elected, meaning that RUNEPATRIARCH has won the election with 1.720 points. The winner will receive on the talk page the steps to become an admin. If he doesn't become an admin in less than a month, the election will take place again. If he wants to give his admin privileges, he can announce it on the blogpost before he applies for the admin of this wiki.

Also note that if someone wants an admin election once again, the new admin must not edit any articles for one month or else there can't be any election.

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