Painkiller wiki has gone through 3 admins which gave up on managing this wiki anymore so we need an admin which will manage this wiki daily and respond to any of the users' requests.

So there will be an election where you can enter in it by just commenting this blog post. And then the users can choose which one shall be the admin of this wiki. If the votes are equally then the one with the highest points will win. If we have no contestants I will automatically become the admin of this wiki.


- The user must have made at least 100 edits since joining this wiki
- Is still editing for at least 5 days.
- Is not a griefer or a troller.
- Has an account on this wiki.
- Hasn't been previously blocked on this wiki.

This blog post will be held for 1 week and it will end on 11th June 2017 at:

- CEST : 20:00 PM (Central Europe)
- CDT : 13:00 PM (Central US)
- EDT : 14:00 PM (Eastern US)

Current Contestants:

- RUNEPATRIARCH : 1.720 Points
- XDavidXtreme : 560 Points

The winner of the election will be guided on where he must enter to become an admin.

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