Vamps are semi-powerful enemies that appear exclusively to Chapter 1. They have the ability to transform into powerful forms on death.



Normal Vamp

Normal vamps wear yellow-ish robes that have odd insignias on them. Their faces look mutilated, revealing bone, and they have piercing yellow eyes. This version attacks by throwing shurikens at you from a distance. They can throw several at a time, and they tend to stick to far-off places. However, most of them that DO approach you closely can transform upon death into a giant ogre-like being that wears silver armor and are covered with blood. With this form, its best to freeze-shatter them. They appear exclusively to the Catacombs level.

Proto VampEdit


Transformed Vamp Proto Vamp miniboss.

Proto Vamp is the mini-boss encountered at the end of the Catacombs. It looks like a giant version of the normal Vamp (Why they didn't use this for the transformed-vamps and have the transformed model be this is beyond me). There are two methods to kill this type of vampire 1.By exposing him to the light, 2.By depleting his health bar which consist of 99.999 HP. Shoot out the skylight over the altar and sit at the end. He'll make his way to you, and before he can knock you into the flames, leap away to a small platform to the right. If you did it right, he'll die immediately and the level portal opens. If not, keep trying. He'll die eventually. Also, Proto Vamp can be killed instantly in Demon morph.

Vamp MaxEdit


Transformed Vamp/Vamp Max

The Vamp Max is a giant Vamp encountered in the Cathedral midway through the level. It looks like a massive version of the transformed Vamps. It attacks by throwing anything convenient at you, like rocks or nearby Psychonuns. It can also grab pillars in the room and literally shake the room for more debris to fall.

Big VampEdit

V M Big

A Big Vamp compared to a Transformed Vampire

The Big Vamp is an unused variation of the default template Vamp_Big (Transformed Vampire). It was supposed to appear in the Forest level as a placeholder boss but it was later replaced by the White Demon. It is a more powerful and a more stronger version of the Transformed Vampire with 800 HP and it's size is quintuple(x5) of the Transformed Vampire size.


  • The Vamps don't seem to be consistent in model- The Proto Vamp looks like it should be the transformed version of a normal Vamp, but instead it is a mini-boss. The transformed model also looks like it should be the Proto Vamp instead of the transformed Vamp. Why this was not implemented is unknown.
  • Vamp is short for vampire.
  • The Proto Vamp is not immune to damage, he only has 99.999 HP making him extremely hard to kill unless you use Tarot Cards especialy The Sceptre which will reduce his health to 1 HP.
  • Vamp Max's model looks exactly like a transformed Vamp, just super-sized.
  • Like the Zombie Warlord, the Vamps has an unused beta model for both the Vamp and the Transformed Vamp. And unlike the in-game Vamp, the transformed version matches the normal version.
Suicide Vamp in Catacombs

Suicide Vamp in Catacombs.


Beta Vamps.

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