Voosh is a gamemode for the Multiplayer Mode.

About Edit

The Voosh is a gamemode first encountered in Painkiller: Heaven's got a Hitman which changes the rules of the regular deathmatch gamemode. The rules consist in every player having to start with the same weapon which have unlimited ammo and over time the respective weapon will be changed with another one for every single player.

Every single ammo, weapon are despawned from the map so that other players will not try to violate the gamemode's rules.

Maps Edit

Here is a list of available maps for this gamemode:

  • DM_Cursed
  • DM_ExMortis
  • DM_Factory
  • DM_Fallen1
  • DM_Fallen2
  • DM_Fragenstein
  • DM_Illuminati
  • DM_Mine
  • DM_Psycho
  • DM_Sacred
  • DM_Trainstation
  • DM_Unseen

Trivia Edit

  • The ammo counter will always show "999" which will never drain, it is strange that the infinity symbol wasn't used just like the Painkiller's ammo counter.

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